Love Kajang The Foodbank

Do you know that there are families living around us who find it difficult to serve up complete meals for their families? It’s not because they have no time. They just don’t have enough.

Come partner THE FOODBANK, a LOVE KAJANG community project by KAOG to provide for the poor and needy in our community.

Be a beacon of hope to the needy in our community and help them get back on their feet again.

23 families have benefitted from the activities of our Foodbank whom they visited to present an assortment of food items.

Agape Ministry want to thank all who have contributed and look forward to your continued support.

Two distribution trips were carried out on 3rd & 31st Aug. Another trip is being planned for 30th Sept. The Foodbank distribution is carried out once a month.

For further details please contact:

  1. Bro. Roland H/P No: 019-2866338
  2. Sis. Mei Kuen H/P No: 012-2902358
  3. Sis. Yen Ching H/P No: 012-9329789
  4. Sis. Sivam H/P No: 016-2768955
  5. Bro. Joshua H/P No: 018-8711674