In His Presence

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A devotional thought from 1 Samuel 1

This story talks about How God answered Hannah’s prayer. Hannah prayed to the Lord for many years but it seemed nothing is happening to her. Peninnah always provoked her because she didn’t have children of her own. Every time when they came to Shiloh Hannah will not eat because she felt really hurt.

There are 3 things that we can learn from Hannah on How God answered her prayers

  1. Hannah prayed from the heart persistently without giving up
    Even though Hannah was hurt, still she came before the Lord to pray. She would come to the Lord every year with the same request, to have a child.
  2. She humbled herself
    She came to the Lord with the broken heart contrite heart. She seek God for a long time even though she didn’t get any answer. Maybe she felt hopeless and useless, but she still come to Lord.
  3. She had faith
    She put her faith in the Lord. After committing her prayer to God, she ate food and was no longer sad. She put her trust in God and did not doubt anything,
    In the presence of the Lord we can find strength and joy like Hannah, we can be renewed every time we come before the Lord.

Let us pray like Hannah, we do not know what each one of us struggle with , but when we commit all our burdens to God, we will see something happen in our lives. Sometime we prayed for a long time but didn’t see the answer. Even there are times we may ask ourselves what is wrong with us, why does God not answer. However, God wants to see how faithful we are in prayer, do we give up or continue waiting upon the Lord? God is the only way, the one who can open the way for us. Maybe we cannot see it now, but God wants to change our hearts first before changing our situation. Do not give up coming before the Lord in prayer and someday, you will understand what He is doing.

A devotional sharing by Misda