Worship Through Dance

Xpresyve is a platform of dance fusion for children from the age of 4 to 12 who are interested in the art of expression through movement and music. Xpresyve celebrates its 15th year anniversary this year so here’s a post with testimonies and thanksgiving from the founder and the dancers to appreciate this ministry.

I thank God for the love of dance He planted in me and Xpresyve was the opportunity for me to serve Him in creative arts. Started this ministry 15 years ago and I remembered it was in the month of July. A small group of girls came together with the same passion, regardless of age and dance background. My ballet teacher Ms Wai Kuen was so kind to allow me to use her dance studio and Xpresyve was able to have a proper platform for dance learning. Xpresyve was with me before I got married, during my pregnancy and now my daughter Elvia is already 11 years old! – Rebecca Lee (Founder)

Xpresyve has grown over the years and classes are more structured according to age group and dance abilities. The elementary class is called Pointe Class, now anchored by the senior student who has taken leadership, Charlotte Leong. Pointe Class caters for those as young as 4 year olds to 8 year olds.

What does Pointe means? Pointe * is a technique in classical ballet in which a dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within a pair of pointe shoes *

The second group (advanced level) is Adage Class which caters for those 8/9 yo and above and for those with a certain degree of experience in dancing. This class is anchored by Principal, Rebecca Lee.

What does Adage means?Adage * Is a series of ballet movements, consisting of a succession of slow and graceful techniques which may be simple or of the most complex character, performed with fluidity and apparent ease *

Xpresyve started in 2004 with a few passionate girls and some of these girls have moved on in their lives, being wives and mothers! Ex senior dancer Yvonne Wang was one of the dedicated girls and one who was full of love for dance! She learned and trained under Xpresyve for 11 years and was a tremendous blessing to this dance ministry. She was the first to rise to leadership and served alongside with Rebecca Lee in choreography and dance performances. She was also instrumental in the setting up of the Pointe Class in year 2013.

Xpresyve spent its first 8 years in the dance studio of Janequin Dance Centre, and we are very thankful to my ballet teacher, Ms Wai Kuen for allowing us to use her dance school. I would conduct the classes in the afternoon every Saturday after my ballet lessons in the morning. KAOG then created a dance studio in Metro Avenue and Xpresyve officially moved over to the new studio in August 2012. We are now in our 7th year in this current dance studio. Upon much request from interested parents, Yvonne Wang and I decided to create another class called the Pointe Class in 2013 where little girls as young as 4 yo up to 7 yo joined us. Special thanks is also recorded to Ms Pei Chyi for donating and installing for us our ballet barre! We are indeed blessed!

Testimonies from the dancers

I remember being the new girl. Not knowing anyone and feeling a little lost. When Rebecca approached me to join her and a few other girls to dance in church, something in my heart sparked. Having left dancing formally, I was happy to have a new place to nurture my passion once again. I made new friends and started to feel more confident.

Soon after, Xpresyve was formed and with Rebecca’s trust, she allowed me to step up and grow as a dancer, partner, teacher and friend. I looked forward to every class as well as every performance. I’m so proud of where Xpresyve has come and I miss being a part of it. I pray that Xpresyve will continue to grow and that more girls will be blessed by expressing themselves through dance.

It has been an honour serving alongside Rebecca in Xpresyve, and I can’t wait to see where Xpresyve will be heading to next! – Yvonne Wang

Dance is not only a wonderful way to express yourself but also a fantastic activity to praise and worship God. Before Xpresyve was established, I remember approaching Rebecca to teach me and my friends in church whenever we see her.

Xpresyve was the very first, and also the only dance ministry that I joined and looked forward to go to every week. In Xpresyve, I have learnt to express myself and glorifying God through dance.

Thank you Xpresyve and Rebecca for giving me the opportunity to join this dance ministry and for all the guidance. It is an honour to be part of this ministry. Indeed, Rebecca was a great teacher! She has given us the chance to be able to enjoy performing on stage. In the years to come, I pray that more girls will be blessed through this ministry. – Elaine Chin

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to join the Xpresyve team. I do not have dancing talent yet wanted to dance like the others. I enjoyed every moment with Xpresyve especially preparing for special occasion performances and getting to go to the studio for dance practices. In Xpresyve, I not only learned dance techniques but also learned to fellowship with the other girl. Here we encourage each other to reach out and grow stronger spiritually. – Ivonne Chin

I started joining Xpresyve many years ago due to my interest in dancing. Even though I wasn’t very good at dancing, I was able to learn and develop my dancing skills and techniques with the guidance and patience from Rebecca, our teacher. I was given the opportunity to perform numerous times in front of various people and in different venues. I truly enjoyed learning in Xpresyve with all the other girls and cherish all the moments we had performing together. I hope that Xpresyve will continue to grow and impact the lives of many others in the years to come. – Felicia Tan

I joined Xpresyve when it first started. I’ll always remember the first few classes I attended where I had to do ballet moves such as pointe, arabesque, plie. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it means, me neither. Basically stretching as a warm up. I could not bend or be as flexible as the rest of the girls. I felt defeated at times but I have a great teacher like Rebecca who was gracious & patient with me. She always encouraged me by saying ‘You can do this!!’. Maybe she did laugh a little at my moves before she actually said those words, I’d never know. As time went by, I managed to do the warm up, a centimeter lower in each classes. Through all the dance practices, and the time spent together, I’m grateful to be acquainted to friends whom I am still very close to till this very day Xpresyve is a great platform to serve Jesus. It’s not a performance where people go up on stage and dance, it’s much more than that. In my perspective is sacrificially giving up time to honour God with our talents just like it’s mentioned in the bible

‘Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others..1 Peter 4:10’. If dance is your passion even if you don’t know it yet, I would like to encourage you to join. You’ll be blown away by how much you learn and able to do by the end of each class. Your gift is priceless, why not serve God with what he has given you? – Charlene Tan

I first joined Xpresyve I think when I was around the age of 8. Being apart of this dancing group really filled up my childhood and youthful days, going to classes every Saturday and I find myself looking forward for it. This journey has provided me such a fruitful experience performing on stage and developing skills and techniques of dance. This picture was actually the last time I was going to perform on the occasion of the 50th KAOG Anniversary.

I do hope that through this ministry, people will be blessed even for those who performs and also sees it. I pray that Xpresyve will be a place for individuals to express the beauty of dance which illuminates the love of God. – Agnes Cham

Xpresyve has been an excellent platform where I learned to express my worship to God through dance and movement. I also learned that worship to God is not only during each performance but by every effort that we put in. Thank you Rebecca for persevering throughout these years and continuously nurturing more worshippers of God. May God continue to use this ministry to touch lives and to help others boldly express their love for God. – Rachael Tan

Xpresyve was part of my childhood, it was a gathering I looked forward to every weekend!
Being a shy girl growing up, I’m grateful that this platform was created, to allow girls of my age to come together, and glorify God through dance!

Through this ministry, I learnt the importance of trust and teamwork.

My hope for the coming generation of dancers, is for them to carry the passion that God has placed inside them, and spread the blessing wherever they are through dance!

Congratulations Xpresyve!! 15 years and hopefully more to come, by God’s grace  – Elizabeth Boo

I started dancing ballet since I was very young. Dancing became part of my life, but I didn’t know that dancing can also be a way of worshiping God. Xpresyve has given me the opportunity to praise God through dancing. I really appreciate every chance of performing on stage, not because of the applause but because I can finally present to God the dance that I’ve been practicing. Happy 15th Anniversary May God bless Xpresyve with prosperity so they can touch more and more hearts through dancing. – Cindy Low

Being a part of Xpresyve has been a blessing and a beautiful memory for me. I really enjoyed the dance on one Easter morning where we danced through songs of praise somewhere on the field outdoor. Rebecca is so great at choreographing dance moves that connect so well with the rhythm of the songs. She’s patient in teaching dancers of different backgrounds and is always motivating us to perform from the heart. Slowly my confidence to be on stage grew as we performed more together. I hope Xpresyve will continue to grow gracefully and be a blessing to more people that are dancers at heart  – Daphne Soh

Xpresyve is a warm place to learn dance and express your inner self. I was in the team when it started 15 years ago and have been learning from Rebecca for 5 years. Love the spirit of Rebecca and her love for God to lead this team in order to glorify the Holy Trinity. Stay awesome and strong in faith , fighting !  Love is the greatest of all. Thank you for giving me all the sweet memories and strength. I will never forget. – Liannie 蔡链妮

There was never a dull moment when I took part in the Xpresyve ministry. So many great memories were made each time we performed on different occasions. I also got to experience how it felt performing a dance in front of an audience. Moreover, taking part in this ministry really helped me express myself through dance. Of course all this was possible because of Aunty Rebecca’s teaching and guidance. She will always be there to help you improve in all aspects through patience and kindness. I thank God that I got the opportunity to be involved in this ministry and I would definitely recommend anyone who loves dancing to join the Xpresyve team because I promise that you will not regret it! – Zoe Boo

I would like to thank God for being the Waymaker for my experience with Xpresyve. Joining Xpresyve has given me the opportunity to use my talents to serve God. I was blessed with the privilege to learn dance at 7 years old. However, when I moved to Kajang with my family during my teenage years, I had stopped dancing altogether.

In 2008, I was invited to join Xpresyve. Sister Rebecca Lee has been a great role model in teaching us how we can express our worship to God through dance, stemming out of a heart of holiness and adoration. Under her teaching and guidance, attending dance classes together with my peers and friends were always fun and full of excitement. Furthermore, being able to perform during various church events such as Mother’s Day, KAOG 50th Anniversary, Easter Sunrise Service has really created beautiful memories for me.

My prayer is that Xpresyve ministry will continue to grow and nurture many godly young ladies to use their dance talents to serve God. Passion for dance is a good thing, but worshipping God through dance is another way we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice unto Him. – Deborah Bong

 am really glad that I was able to join Xpresyve a few years ago because I love dancing and have been wanting to learn ballet. Our teacher Rebecca taught us well and encouraged us to give the best we have when we practiced or performed for a dance. Through Xpresyve I was able to dance for the Lord at several events in church and it was a great joy for me. I definitely keep and treasure good memories from joining Xpresyve. – Emilie Cheung

A word from the Senior Pastor

What a journey Xpresyve have had all these years! I want to appreciate Rebecca and all the team members who have been a part of this ministry all these fantastic years. For Mae and I our two girls have grown up being a part of this ministry. They have learnt at a young age what it is to serve God. Xpresyve essentially was their first start in serving God and they have continued to be a part of it even though they have also gone on to serve in other capacities. That’s the impact Xpresyve have had on their spiritual journey. All the glory to God for the passion and dedication Rebecca have had in leading and inspiring this ministry. May God continue to use her and the team for greater heights! Let dance brings us all to worship the most High God! – Ps Calvin Lee

We, Xpresyve is very thankful to be part of this wonderful church of Kajang Assembly of God. 2019 marks our 15th year of ministry in KAOG. Firstly, all glory and thanks to our creative Creator, and to KAOG for giving us this platform to serve as a dance ministry throughout these 15 years. On KAOG’s 55th Anniversary held on 1 September 2019, we took pride in celebrating God’s faithfulness to KAOG. We did something different this time with an upbeat cheerleader dance participated by all students of Xpresyve across Pointe, Adage and Jete Classes. A total of 27 dancers graced the event setting the momentum for the anniversary celebration.

Xpresyve will be making a special appearance in the coming Christmas Night Service with Juwita Suwito and Friends! This even is free and open to all so come and join us for dinner and a beautiful night of music thereafter.