A New Vision For New Heights




  1. Passionate Prayer & Worship

To challenge every believer to develop a personal, passionate and spirit-anointed devotional life and to build KAOG into a strong praying and worshipping church.

  • Christ-centred Discipleship

To challenge and build a people systematically discipled in the Word, Ways and Wisdom of God, demonstrating the lifestyle and character of Christ in life and ministry.

  • Leadership Development

To raise, position and develop leaders at all levels where their lives, skills and giftings integrate effectively at all times for the advancement of the work of God in and through KAOG.

  • Carecell Multiplication

To mobilize KAOG to intentionally pray, win and nurture the lost through strategic and intentional carecell planting and multiplication for the accomplishment of the Great Commission.

  • Active Church Planting

To raise, plant and develop a network of churches and ministers of like-minded vision and spirit In this nation and all over the world.

  • Community Engagement

To mobilize and release KAOG into the community for works of service and blessing as we bring our church out of its four walls into our community so as to be relevant in bringing the love of Christ though our works.


  1. Incredible Unity

We are a people united as one body in Christ. We are of different races, ethnicity, age, customs and traditions; bound together in a unity that is based on our unyielding commitment to be one as we were created and mandated to be. 

  • Passion for God and His Word

Our greatest purpose and highest calling in life are to love God passionately, serve Him wholeheartedly and follow Him unquestionably. We are disciples of Christ who loves His Word deeply and study His Word diligently.

  • Excellence in Life & Ministry

Whatever we do in life and ministry we do it in a spirit of excellence as a reflection of God’s grace, glory and greatness. People will be inspired by our excellence. God deserves the best we have to offer and He is honoured by our excellence.

  • Spirit-Empowered People

We are a people who are Spirit-anointed and supernaturally-gifted to serve and lead the church in power, servanthood and obedience. Our Pentecostal heritage drives us to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit in every aspects of life and ministry without compromise.

  • Love for People

We value people because people are made in God’s image and hence they are valuable to God. Saving the lost is God’s consuming passion and hence it is ours as well. We are a Great Commission church.

  • Authentic Community

We believe Christ-centred followers should manifest authenticity and genuineness in all their relationships in and out of the church. We love and accept one another knowing that we can be open and vulnerable and will be loved more, not less for it. We will never give up on one another because every one is treasured and esteemed. We also model what it means to wrestle with the unknown and embrace the mysteries of faith in life.