KAOG PrayMalaysia@12pm Prayer Guide

18/3 (Wednesday)

2 Chr 20:9
2 Chr 7:14

Pray and repent of our personal sins and nation’s sins.

19/3 (Thursday)
Pray for COVID-19 task force & MOH – wisdom to manage the pandemic situation effectively – pray that the spreading of COVID-19 will cease in the shortest time.

20/3 (Friday)
Pray for all medical staffs – skills to do their job with spirit of excellence and they will not be infected by the disease.

21/3 (Saturday)
Pray against corruption – that the companies/distributors of masks and other disinfection products will not cheat the Rakyat by selling higher price than the market rates.

22/3 (Sunday)
Pray for our new PM & Cabinets – that they will put their own agenda aside and be responsible to run the country with diligence and integrity.

23/3 (Monday)

Pray Psalm 91 over your family.

24/3 (Tuesday)
Pray for wisdom – all to abide with the rules/restrictions and precautions set by the authority.

25/3 (Wednesday)
Pray for family bonding to become stronger.

26/3 (Thursday)
Pray for providence – for the families & businesses that affected by COVID-19.

27/3 (Friday)

Pray for our connect groups – be creative to encourage one another when they can’t physically meet at this time.

28/3 (Saturday)
Pray for healing of those affected with COVID-19.

29/3 (Sunday)
Pray that God will use KAOG to minister healing to the sick and share hope to those who are weary.

30/3 (Monday)
Pray that churches in Malaysia will spread the message of faith, hope & love instead of fear to one another.

31/3 (Tuesday)
Proverbs 3:5-6
Pray that the church of Christ will not be discouraged but will trust in the Lord