My Journey during the Pandemic.

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My God is ever so faithful and His timing is always the best.

On 3rd Mar 2020 I flew to Melbourne to help look after my granddaughter as her mum was going to Amsterdam for a conference. The day I arrived, her trip was cancelled and the borders closed soon after. Thank God she wasn’t stuck in Amsterdam when the pandemic started.

My flight back to Malaysia was then cancelled twice so I decided to stay on till July when flights were supposed to resume. While checking on Facebook, I found the Malaysians in quarantine support group and there, Tun directed me to the “Stranded Malaysians in Australia” chat group. At the same time my daughter-in-law informed me to register with the Malaysian consulate in Canberra. It was through this chat group that I was able to get all my questions answered.

The people at the forefront of this chat were so helpful and caring.
Thanks to Francisca, Rosa, Christine n Tun for their guidance throughout this stressful time. At least I know that I was not alone. They helped with visa, flights and were involved together with our Malaysian Consulate in Melbourne to get MAS to fly in the rescue flights. On 15th and 16th of May, 2 flights came in but I was unprepared to leave within 2 days. I then opted to stay after my granddaughter’s birthday if there were flights available.

Despite the decision to stay on, there was a lot of anxiety as the situation was so fluid and many of us were afraid that there may be a second wave and all borders will be completely close. This could last till the end of the year. Many Malaysians were so desperate to fly home that they were willing to endure a 2 days drive from Brisbane to Melbourne to catch the flight as domestic flights were not in operation. Seeing this desperation caused me more stress but God is so gracious that on 18th May, the chat group informed me that there was a flight on the 25th giving me time to pack for home and not having to apply for a new visa ( my existing visa was expiring on 4th June) which would have been very costly and troublesome.

Just before leaving, I got the news that on 1st June, all returning Malaysians have to pay 50% of the quarantine charges. I wrote to the Consulate for clarification and was told that I don’t have to pay since I will be arriving before 1st June. Praise the Lord for his perfect timing.

I also asked my KAOG Connect group and church friends to pray for a hotel with good wifi, tv and balanced meals. Our awesome God answered our prayers and my quarantine hotel was the 5 star Istana Hotel. I couldn’t have asked for more. Everything was done smoothly from disembarkation to arrival at hotel. I am so grateful that God took charge of everything throughout my journey and His hand was definitely upon me.

I am so thankful to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to purchase the ticket for the 25th May instead of waiting for July. The 2nd wave of Covid 19 is already coming upon Victoria and fears of border closure is inevitable.

Once again I want to thank God for all the answered prayers, connecting me to a wonderful group of people and for bringing me safely home.

All glory to God.

Testimony by Sis Christina Teh.