Freedom in Jesus

KAOG runs a Supernatural ministry for several years now to minister to anyone in need. In July of last year, a lady and her daughter came to seek for deliverance from issues affecting them from their past.

It was found that the lady had faced severe rejection and the roots went as far back as the time before she was born. We learned that when she was still in her mother’s womb, her own brother made a vow that if she was a girl, she will be given away. When she was born, the mother declared that she would bring ‘bad luck‘ to her family, therefore pronouncing a curse on her and eventually gave her away for adoption.

Sadly, there was no love in her adoptive family either, so the rejection in her continued to increase in many ways. We praise God that later in her life, this lady met Christ and committed her life to Jesus. However, now that she is a mother, she found that she is still struggling with her daughter in issues of rejection, lovelessness, confusion, and unforgiveness.

During her session with the Supernatural ministry, we praise God that we could cut all ties to the past and proclaimed forgiveness to all who had hurt her. The lady felt so relieved. She was finally freed from oppression. As for her daughter, she had been experiencing ‘unseen visitations’ and faced a lot of fear, anxiety, and anger in her life all the while. She took it out on her husband and child each time she faced these inner issues. Through the power of God, she was also set free totally after renouncing the issues one by one.

Now, both the lady and her daughter is left with such JOY. We also taught them both to take authority in Jesus name to cut and release God’s Presence upon themselves whenever these feelings of rejection comes back. To God be the glory.

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Adorable yet powerful prayer warrior that calls herself “just you ordinary Ah Ma”. To us, shes everything but never ordinary. Who knows how many lives changed and breakthrough in the cities that God brings through this humble Ah Ma’s prayers. Ah Ma is currently leading The Supernatural Ministry in KAOG.