One of the major themes of the Old Testament is the failure of God’s people to obey GOD, and the continual need for forgiveness and restoration. God calls our families to return to Him and be restored to a right relationship with Him through repentance. Repentance breaks the cycle of sin and disobedience. We can see this cycle in the lives of families and individuals, and can be devastating and destructive. ‘Giants’ that have broken down families and many are held in bondage and captivity of sin. God SAYS ‘Return to me and I will return to you’.

Our GOD meets us where we are; GOD meets sinners in their time of need; and is ready with extended arms to embrace us and restore us when we ‘return’ meaning when we truly repent and turn to GOD. Today let us stand united with our families to be revived and refreshed by GOD’s word. GOD remembers His covenant promises.

God is able to restore families through repentance because Jesus Christ came to fulfil the prophetic words of Zechariah and other prophets. Isaiah’s prophecy ‘All flesh is like grass – we all fade away – but the Word of God endures forever. This Word of God will bring our families to repentance and restoration and give spiritual life.


  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will root out darkness and light up our families with His Shalom Peace and His Holy Presence.
  • Pray that the Lord restores new boundaries in our family’s life, not to flirt with sin and not be hurt. To say ‘No’ to things that harm them or their testimonies.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit give the families understanding that their repentance will grant them eternal life with the Lord. To place grace next to their regrets and give them hope for a new future.