In running our daily lives, we need keys to give us access to things and places. For instance, we need keys to enter into our homes, we need keys to unlock our cars, we need keys to open our save boxes and etc. Likewise, in the Kingdom of God, we need an important key for God to mould us towards leadership. The keys for leadership success is repentance and restoration.

I believe Jesus gave us these keys for repentance and restoration when He preached His first message, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt. 4:17).

God was now accessible, and that repentance is the first step to enter it. Once we take that first step of repentance, then restoration will take place inside of us. By repenting, God can restore and used us effectively in various leadership capacities. Therefore, let us live our lives with the key of repentance and restoration and see God shape us in leadership for this glory.


  • Pray that we will unlock the keys of repentance and restoration in our life.
  • Ask the Lord to grant you the ability to humbly accept your need for repentance and restoration, before being used by God in leadership.
  • Pray that we as leaders will operate with wisdom and discernment to advance the Kingdom of God.