True repentance involves a heartfelt conviction of sin, a turning away from the sinful way of life, a turning towards a God-honouring way of life and restoration of our communion with God. Our world suffers not only from physical needs but also from spiritual brokenness. Jesus came to meet that need and challenged His followers to join Him in this work. He prayed that the Father would raise up workers to respond to the needs all around us.

May the Father give us a heart for others that mirrors His heart. In the strength of His Spirit we as a Church Community can express His compassionate concern to those suffering. God in His kindness graciously provides people as His agents for mutual good. Listening ears and helpful hands; wise, comforting and correcting words – these and other resources come to us and through us to others. Together we win and God gets the glory!


  • Thank the Lord for His constant provision of strength and guidance that we can remain in Him despite the storms in life.
  • Pray that we live a holy and blameless life.
  • Pray that we will not be complacent but instead be active in reaching out to the lost and discipling new believers in Christ Jesus.