Holy and Righteousness DAY 30: FAMILY

The best place for children to learn righteous living is at home, because home is where the love is. In today’s world where there’s a decline in moral values, calling what’s evil good, and the good, evil. The more we need to restore godly parenting in Christian family. Let best family time be the family altar, where family spend time together to fellowship with Holy Spirit and reading God’s words.

Too busy to spend time with your children will make you a stranger when they grow up. The most heart-breaking thing that can happen to Christian family is when our children left their faith and pursue worldliness. The family relationship of father, mother and children is the oldest and most enduring institution in the world. By all might, parents must protect and safeguard your family from the “cancer” that plague our society.


  • Pray that God will restore every broken family in our church.
  • Pray that God will restore and strengthen family altar in every Christian household.