I Choose to Trust

I was deliberating whether to go back to my hometown Kuching with my parents after finishing my Master’s studies last August 2020 . At the time, the COVID cases spiked in Kuching. I was worried that I may not be able to return to Kajang to apply for a job as there was a probably lockdown in Kuching. I sought God’s face in prayer for directions. Then a still small voice told me to just go and trust Him.

Back in Kuching, I had peace and was enjoying my stay and short break. I managed to meet up with some of my hometown friends and spent time catching up with each other. My worries were far from my thoughts. Meanwhile, I knew that jobs were scarce and many seem to find it hard to get job offers during this pandemic time. Miraculously, God made a way for me to be offered a job just a week after returning to Kajang. I actually got the job by a connection of my church pastor in Kuching that I met up during this short trip back. This experience taught me that when I seek God’s will and obey Him by faith, God will open the right door at the right time. I thank God that I chose to trust Him when I didn’t know what the future could bring. I truly believe my big God never fails.

– Geraldine Bong