Holy and Righteousness DAY 33: CHURCH LEADERSHIP

When you came to Christ, He called you to follow Him. Following Him means living a holy life. Actually, the moment you were saved, the sacrifice of Jesus made you perfect. He washed you and cleansed you. From God’s perspective, you are already holy. But now as you live your daily life, you strive to live out in practical ways who you already are in God’s eyes.

(Hebrews 10.14) says, “For by that one offering he forever made perfect those who are being made holy.” Did you get that? By the offering of Jesus, you were made perfect, but now by the Spirit’s work in your life, you are continually being made holy. That happens one step at a time as you daily obey Jesus and follow Him.


  • Pray that all KAOG will be faithful follower of Jesus Christ and set an example for others to follow.
  • Pray that our leaders will be obedient to God’s commandment because obedient is the pathway to holiness.