Kingdom Come DAY 39: KAOG PASTORS

You are the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13

Salt and yeast have a number of things in common. Both come in tiny granules and are used for enhancing food. By the time the food is eaten, they have pretty much become invisible, but the contributions they make are very noticeable. Yeast works well to make dough rise when you are baking bread, and salt is both a seasoning and a preservative.

Here Jesus is teaching us about quiet, behind-the-scenes work in the kingdom of God that can make a big difference in people’s lives. Not all the pastors love frontline ministry, many of them work very hard behind the scene, some of the job may be consider as small in its significant. We are sure many people were blessed by pastor’s visitation or counsel provided when we’re in need. This is how Kingdom of God works, it is like a mustard seed, tiniest seed in forest, but once it grow, it will be the biggest tree.


  • Pray that all KAOG pastor will bear fruits of their labours in God’s season.
  • Pray that our pastors will model after Jesus to shepherd His church.