My Half-Baked Faith Met The Faithful God

I hope this encourages someone there to tell you the God who calls you is a faithful God.

Jeshurun Vincent

Last year I was heading to the mission field, one of the nations that I will visit is a nation called Bahrain. After making arrangements with few churches, I was welcomed to minister through testimony and music. I will be needing accommodation however, they couldn’t host me then hence I started to ask through the contacts I have but to no avail. As I seek God

He told He is the one that will prepare everything for me

Jeshurun Vincent

I was encouraged by the word but in reality, I see all doors close except one of the brothers replied to me that they are willing to pick me from the airport and drop me at the place I plan to stay. So after sending out the emails and all communication, I left Malaysia on the 2nd of July and stopping in two other nations before reaching Bahrain on the 11 July.

However, as time goes on everyone that I contacted (Informing them when I am coming, why I am coming, and many more questions), started replying to me and sadly all of them say they can’t host me primarily due to the summer Holidays there (Where most of them return to their home nations).

Faith Requires Risks

Totally worried yet still believing God will do a miracle like He has done many times before, I told the brother who is going to pick me, Brother Thomas me to come to the airport, He was asking me where am I going to stay, since I didn’t have an address I could not tell him, however trusting God will open a door by then I just told him to come.

On the last day before I flew into Bahrain from Sri Lanka, I still didn’t have anyone to host me. Upon arrival, I was hoping for a miracle and still holding on to the promise that God gave me.

So without an address, I walk to the arrival gate and I was greeted by brother Thomas with a great smile, as I keep my things at the back of his car and sat in front buckling up my seat belt. I was looking at my phone still hoping for a miracle however looks like nothing is happening and just then Brother Thomas asked me, where should I drop you now? I was clueless and told him I still don’t have a place to stay.

He was extremely shocked and understating the situation he told me that let’s have breakfast first before we think more. Arriving at the breakfast place and placing my order I felt like ok I give up, God I really have no other choice and I don’t want to keep brother Thomas stress because of me, I give up looks like this time I need to stay in the hotel. As we Finnish eating, suddenly brother Thomas told me there is one last place we can go and check.

Based on my own judgment and experience I predicted that the place we are going is going to say no as well. So assuming that will happen while we are on the road to the place, I quickly booked a hotel (Payment to be made upon arrival). So after clicking confirm a booking that was the moment we reached the place. Brother Thomas told me that it is the Bible society of Bahrain. As we both walk-in into the book store there was another brother by the name of Daniel came and greeted us.

He Delivers in Style

After Brother Thomas explaining my situation and ask if the Bible society can do anything to help. Brother Daniel quickly responded by telling no the society does not help in that way, and in my heart, I was thinking well my guess is right and told brother Thomas let’s leave quickly (As I didn’t want to trouble him more).

However suddenly brother Daniel stopped and ask more info about me and how I came to Bahrain. I was a little frustrated as I have been telling the same thing to everyone but in the end, they responded by telling no they can’t host, however, I replied brother Daniel lesser information assuming he is going to say the same thing.

From there he asked, what is your ministry, again I answered with few sentences. Again he asked how many days you have to stay, I looked and say 4 days. Suddenly he said something that shocked me he says

I can host you at my house for that number of days

Said the stranger

I was truly shocked and was thinking who is this guy whom I just know 5 minutes ago that wanted to host me where everyone else rejected me then. So I was a little confused but I know God understands my prayer but I was ashamed I gave up a few minutes before I can see the miracle.

Photo by J Shim on Unsplash

So I quickly canceled the hotel reservation and moved my things to brother Daniel’s car waved goodbye to brother Thomas, and a few minutes later I was with brother Daniel whom I completely no idea about him accept that knowing him that 5 minutes ago. During lunch Brother Daniel asked me do you know why I hosted you, I said no with a puzzling mind.

He told me that he works in Bahrain for many years and literally know everyone due to his role in the Bible society, so when he reads the chapter Hebrew 13 he told God that God I can follow all the verses here, accept verse 2 which say “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it

He told God I don’t know any strangers here and totally forgot about it. 4 days later is where I came and God reminded him about the verse and that is why he is willing to host me. I was truly amazed that indeed God is faithful even though I can’t see it and is ready to find my own way out, He is faithful till the end.

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:24

I’m that angel hehe

That day eventhough I was really disappointed and although I wasnt able to trust God till the end, God is still a faithful God that works in many miracle for me and I know He is doing the same for you. He is never late, His timing is always PERFECT.

Jeshurun is a musicianary that is passionate to share God’s love and such commitment have brought him to many nations! Other than great music, he is quite a talented dry comedian. Currently a part of the family of The 12 CG and he never fails to bring refreshing testimonies of God’s goodness to everyone around him.