Testimony 1 – Ps Calvin

Editor’s note: In conjunction with the 40days prayer campaign, we have collected testimonies across the church to give glory to God for what He has done during this 40 days prayer. We are kicking off with our Senior Pastor’s testimony this week!

Perseverance in Obedience

This year I decided to challenge the church on a 40 Day Prayer Campaign through which I believe there will be breakthroughs in the people’s lives – whether in their health, finances, relationships, career, studies, and everything else that God is capable of doing!

As for me, I decided to embark on a 40 Day partial fast not only to seek God for my own breakthroughs but also for our church family. I have been fasting every Friday for a few years now, so fasting is not something new to me but 40 Days straight is. It was a challenge for me but I really felt the Lord challenging me to do so to break into new ground. So when the Lord prompts we need to listen and obey. I am glad that I did.

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Throughout the 40 days, I kept at keeping a daily journal of my interactions with the Word of God. It is always good to keep a record of what we have experience with God so that we will always be able to look back at how faithful He has been, through and through. 

God had spoken to me so much throughout these 40 days that it would be too long to write everything down here. But what I would like to bring across is that God honors our desires to seek Him. He never fails to do that. As long as we have that desire He will come close to us every single time. He did with me. 

Fruits from Pressing in

There were times however that I did think of letting go one or two days but the Spirit’s conviction was to keep at it and not give up. I am glad I did not. Its a training in perseverance, discipline, and tenacity too. Beyond myself, I am also glad to hear of testimonies by church members of their own personal breakthroughs. Praise and thank God for those lives which have been touched and transformed! 

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

The church family as a whole has been changed and transformed because of this campaign. That is so good to know. God has answered my prayers and He had honoured my fasting! Hence I am thankful that it was all worth it. I learnt that nothing is impossible with God’s help. I have prepped myself for the next spiritual challenge. All glory to God our heavenly Father!


Pastor Calvin Lee
Our dear Pastor is full Senior Pastor of Kajang Assembly of God, part-time chef and patissier for his family and friends. Husband to amazing wife Sis Mae and father of two beautiful daughters Alethea and Alyssa. A trusted and loving sherpard. Most importantly, he is a doting son to our great great God!