A Perception Changer

The birds were singing cheerfully as a gentle, cool breeze blew softly on my face. Looking out from the porch of my house I could see the fresh green leaves swaying gently on the branches.

Tranquillity right in front of my house. I couldn’t believe it. Only the sounds of nature could be heard. Usually filled with cars parked haphazardly and boisterous womenfolk bargaining with the hawkers at the market, this quietness was the ‘new normal’. The term was coined overnight and suddenly was on everyone’s lips. 

An MCO had been imposed, another abbreviation thrown at us. What does it mean? Movement Control Order, simply put, is a restriction on movement. You could no longer jump into your car and cruise anywhere and at any time you liked.

The last time anything like this was enforced was in 1969, when I was a teenager. The riots of that year resulted from the national elections. They called it a curfew then. It meant you could not leave your house, you were locked in.

If you went out, you were taking a great risk. You might have been seriously injured.

2020 has changed my perception of many things, including about going to church on a Sunday morning. Live-streaming of services has become the norm.

This is a year everyone wishes will go away quickly. But the restrictions will be with us for a long while. Get used to it, friends, and learn to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

It’s a time for us to take a step back, inhale slowly and deeply, and slow down a little. 2020? A perception changer.

#MCOTales by Bro George Teh

Forever25, is his tagline. Hi my name is George Teh, and I live in Kajang with my lovely wife Christina. We have 2 wonderful sons, Kevin & Darren, an adorable daughter-in-law, Choo and a beautiful granddaughter, Lily Hope Teh, who is 5. I was seeking the peace I had experienced as a 15-year-old, when I walked into KAOG to find out more about Jesus 20 years ago. I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Saviour one week after that encounter. I enjoy music & sports and MU is my favourite team.  I now work in the same church as the Administrator.