I want to go back to school!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

During the first MCO, I worked (online classes, Zoom meetings, video recordings, etc) non-stop. It was very hectic as I had to balance school work and daily chores. It was also tearing me apart as I was stressed out and unhappy.

The workload made me feel distant from God. I didn’t have time to worship the Lord and I was “lifeless”. Things got worse. 

One day, I cried out: “Lord, give me a miracle. I want to go back to school!”  And the Lord did. I asked God and he answered my prayers. 

By June, news came that all preschools could be opened on 1st July. God is a miracle worker! I returned to school on 24th June to prepare the SOP for pupils. 

God knew my troubles and worries. I give him all praise and glory!

By Kaveena Rani/Gloria Daphne